Gemini Crypto Scam

Scam Number: +1(800) 694-1183
Domain Used:
Extra Info: Live Ongoing Gemini Crypto Scam

New Number Updated:- +1(844) 244-3010

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“We were voted the number one company in the tri-state area”
I asked him what three states they were… He got mad and told me to f my mother. Lol

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They do block numbers. He admits to “scamming stupid Americans” and claims that we can do nothing to stop them.

Tell Them We Accept Your Challenge. New Number Updated :- +1 (800) 677-0570. Let’s Make Them More Crazy.

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Damn…lol :rofl: :rofl:

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:joy::joy: I’m back on them!

New number: 800-791-2754

New Number:- +1 (800) 664-5160

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(800) 664-5160 answering lmao.
Blocks slow - If they can even block at all, already on my 2nd call.
They answer fairly fast.
50 seconds in on my 2nd call and suddenly says person I’m trying to reach is unavailable (typical bs vm)


3rd call - typical pls hold blah blah robot then suddenly says # not in service
Lol they blocked me already.


Yeah, they block after a few calls. I’m spoofing my number now and they aren’t particularly overjoyed about it. :grin:

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I reported their website. Looks like they got shut down… At least for now.
All 5 numbers are down plus their website… And he said we couldn’t do anything about it! :joy:


New Website Is Up

New Number Updated:- +1 (800) 793-8962

“791 The Number You Dialled Is Not In Service”

They Are Calling Back From +1 (806)-370-5220

+1 (877) 412-1499

  • (805) 399-5494