Scammer’s Number: 877-368-0479, 786-796-2513
Domains Used: ::: Welcome to Geek Squad :::
Extra Info: via whocalledme
Eric directed me to a hosted site, also has 502-849-0439.
There is an additional number on the fake site (844) 467-9233 and John answers as GeekSquad, and they also try to do the scam. John has 308-920-8786.

11:40 am Central … The 877-368-0479‬ answers at times, but I was on hold for quite awhile.
The 844 467 9233 answers and I am not on hold very long at all!
The 502-849-0439 and 308-920-8786 are TextNow numbers and I got the message machines of them.
For me, the 786-796-2513 was not a working number.

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Got through on 844 number about 15 times. tagow!

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I caught there IP address.


Way to go, @Banks2002 !!!

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