GeekSquad Scammer Whose Mouse says Amazon Can't Seem to get Anything to Work

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Extra Info: This is the third time I’ve called these guys. On the first two, my audio didn’t record for some reason, but they charged ahead anyway. In each case they had me connect to them! Not bright, guys. Then they couldn’t get Teamviewer to work right (I changed settings in the firewall) so they switched to Anydesk. After they realized they couldn’t get into the bank, they gave up and took out their aggressions by deleting shortcuts from the desktop! Very funny and I told them so. When they swear at me I tell them that’s precisely the reaction I wanted to achieve: them frustrated and angry. Perfect. Virtualbox running FXLinux emulating Windows10 within Windows 10. The first time I told them I had received the money but they gave me too much. They had no idea what to do, unfortunately I didn’t get that recorded.

Video Link: Another Incompetent Scammer Gets Lost in my Virtual Box - YouTube


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Trying to move it to “*General Discussion, *Promotion”
Says I’m not permitted to view requested resource??

it has been moved to General Discussion and Promotion. Does the error message still persist? Not sure what causes it as it’s not hidden or locked or something.

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Moved it to GENERAL, then moved it to GENERAL → PROMOTION to test.
I’m still getting the error message! It won’t move it there whenever I try. I can access the category on it’s own like normal. I’m certain this must be a small bug I’m encountering?

You’re not a mod right? I think moving subjects just works as a mod / requires mod permissions.

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So I’m confused. Am I putting my videos in the wrong place?

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I believe I have post-admin… or some shit like that - whatever it is called…

@ecw06471 “Promotion” is fine

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