GeekSquad Scam 808-766-8549

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800-766-8549 Allen answered. Wednesday 9-21-22 7:35PM EST

This is an old Amazon Prime video support number which dates back to just over 10 weeks ago
into late July.
Who knows what other script it’s been or for how long this number has been used before that
Quite some time would be my suggestion.
They never disappoint with the combination of their predictability, laziness and stupidity without fail.

mans really using text now :cold_face:


“Alex” is such an awful scammer. You can hear street noise as he is trying to run his pitch.

Asking if Ive reached Dalit Squad and why are all scammers Dalit always gets a great reaction!

Have fun!!!

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“Alex” answered the call

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Alex answered my call too

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