GeekSquad scam 1 (8 8 8) 2 2 9-5 3 0 1

Scam Number: 1 (8 8 8) 2 2 9-5 3 0 1
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam:
Thank you for choosing our service Again!

Your Subscription with GEEK SQUAD will Renew Today and $389.99 is about to be Debited from your account by Today. The Debited Amount will be reflected within the next 24H.

We have attached the invoice for your Subscription paid on 09/21/2022 with this email.

---------------Product Description:-----------------------------------

Product: GEEK SQUAD Antivirus Security [3 years Subscription]

Invoice No: GT-752313

Total Amount: 389.99 USD

Payment Method: Online

Date: 09/21/2022


Please let us know if you have any issues regarding the payment as refund can be claimed within 24 hours of the payment Please connect us on +1 (8 8 8) 2 2 9-5 3 0 1 within 1 working days


888-222-5301 Answered, Wednesday 9-21-22 11:12AM EST

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Piggybacking to add this number: (844) 236-6777

Same order details, they send you to msupports [dot] online to connect.

Very patient by the way, extra dangerous! :frowning:

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Why they think a 74 year old lady would even know what Geek Squad is?


Next call he said they were from the Norton.

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My, oh my, this scammer does not like septuagenarians who live in nursing homes. Such language.

Video (warning: scatological ending): Scammer Must Not Like Septuagenarians - YouTube

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G E K K E S Q U A D E subscription

Precisely the reaction we want…Nicely done mate!

35 minutes with the scammers


Another GS #: 888-992-0664

First time getting this: :+1: :+1: