GeekSquad Must Have Problems with Their Robotic Server :)

‪(612) 813-9343‬ Scammer direct line. James

This was great. Several days ago we connected and I had set up my firewall to not accept any connections with Anydesk or Ultraviewer, which he tried mightily to get me to install. So I made like he had broken my computer. Unfortunately, I did not get that taped. He called back today and I told him I purchased a new computer so we were off and running once again. This time after filling out the cancellation and refund form I insisted that I had received the money and that my bank had confirmed it. The poor guy kept insisting I could not have gotten anything to which I replied that I did get the money and the problem was in his system. He called back (part 2) to try and get me to log into the bank once again. I think you’ll enjoy it. Sorry for the slight echo on the audio and part 2 has little video, mostly audio. I’m still a neophyte at getting the audio and video set up quickly when they call.

I suspect I’ll hear from him again.

Part 1: I Tell the Scammer I got the Money Part 1 - YouTube

Part 2: I Tell the Scammer I got the Money Part 2 - YouTube