GeekSquad imposters 833-253-5202

Scam Number: 833-253-5202
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dead number.

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Offices currently closed. Voice mailbox full.

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833-253-5202 Xfininty, Ayden. Monday 10-24-22 1:02PM EST


My TextNow calls to this number this morning are being answered as Xfinity. They do not seem to be able to block my TextNow numer or maybe they do not know how to block.

I’ve been harassing them.

During my first few calls, they seemed arrogant and defiant; and one guy bragged about how much money he has made already today.

They are beginning to get angry though.

After a ten minute call just now, the guy finally hung up after he cussed me for all ten minutes of the call. When he would pause to catch his breath, I kept telling him, “Continue increasing your phone bill on your toll-free number that is toll-free to the CALLERS. Keep increasing the amount of your phone bill.”


Now Comcast Xfinity. Pay 1 year with Target card for 50% discount.
Callback 844-938-8832

Lahore, Pakistan accent (not Indian)


Was it Eric?! He just got so mad at me that he yelled at me for a good 5 minutes

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they are pretending to be xfinity now when I called them


RE: 833-253-5202

I don’t remember his name. Yes, they have been getting angrier every time I call. I had been using only my TextNow number to call them repeatedly.

Wait, now from my TextNow number, for the first time it says that the number is not in service.

For the first time I am calling 833-253-5202 from my VOIP that I logged in to switch to show Unknown Number rather than show my real VOIP landline number. YES, they must have FINALLY blocked my TextNow number. Using my “Unknown Number” VOIP phone just now, I called 833-253-5202 and it was answered as Infinity after I pressed 1 or 2 or 3 or 0.

So this 833-253-5202 is still active but my TextNow number has been blocked it seems.


Reported to customer advisor at XFINITY they will be passed on to high management and everybody and every department at XFINITY - this is a reply i had from them on the phone from the security department

comcast would never call customers - they would never ask for debitcard details or any personal information because that is confidential to the accounts.

And they would never tell clients that they offer 50% … and they never offer a contract or exisiting new contracts without singing up to a physical contract

They Thanked me for the report and they will act swiftly on this issue.

Hope this helps take down the scammmer call centre number


Used TextNow to call them, Must’ve called around 15 times trolling them before they finally closed the number. As now when i call it says number out of service.