Geeks France - America Geek's scam call center in Tunisia

I found this website which looks similar to and

I know the last 2 are scammers, but I can't confirm if the 1st one is a scammer. Does anyone who can ring a french number and I guess speak french want to find out? I tried using skype but I can't get through(I'm either dialing wrong or it may not be a free number).

Their whois is protected by a proxy.

From what I saw on the internet, it is a scam

Scam, exact same template as other scam websites

It’s probably runed by the same ring leader of America geeks. Someone should call them. It’s most likely Indians speak French trying to scam the French, that is if it’s runed by the same ring leader.

You could try to set up a vm with wiruses and ask for a free demo of the product

the first websites the scammers had spent their money against ddos attacks and have some wpa2 protection first time i ever seen scammers do that

@lelindians#24241 lmfao

Dang, i shut americageeks down, number-website and all. all back, now i have to do it again :confused:

@AussieScamBuster#23729 All Three, they are all the same scammers, basically. just look at a google maps :smiley: they are either empty store fronts, alleys, or an old apartment building. just ask them why google maps wont show their store front and most of the time they hang up. LOL

websites are all hosted by godaddy from what I see… except geeksfrance, they are using WEBSITEWELCOME.COM.

@RamanRoy#24227 indians trying to speak french, now that would be funny.

@willisdyk1#24371 yeah it is funny but believe it or not there are some Indian call centers that scam people in other languages. They do Spanish scams, German, and French.

So I called them, and I confirm they’re a scam. They are in fact from Madagascar and all they want to do is steal your money.

@Capsule#24761 first time hearing a scam from Madagascar lol


Try +33 465430015, or they might have blocked Skype calls (Skype has 559 or 661 as the area codes).

@willisdyk1#24368 I’m calling them for 4 months now. You didn’t shut them down. They just blocked your number probably…

The only time they went completely down was like a week ago and just for 4h approx…

They have about 80 different numbers

@Capsule#24761 how do you know that they are from Madagascar?

As far as I know they’re located in Tunis, Tunesia. I have sources for that.

But maybe they have another (French speaking) callcenter? Would be interesting to know if u have any info on that?

The are the same The web server (IP which hosts also hosts:,,,,,,,

Yes first time in Madagascar for me too. But not surprised. I see Maven Infotech (Kolkata) have web servers in Seychelles (tiny island) in Indian Ocean.

@76561198075380224#27136 Probably some bullshit, but I called while streaming and one of my viewer told me they had the Madagascar accent.

Bullshit 100% confirmed. I called them doing some french canadian accent (I speak french but I’m NOT). The guy then remote controlled my VM, which was perfectly running, I just pretended it was slow.

He then run some random bullshit command like tree, dir,... switched console color to red to inspire fear, and then told me my computer was full of virus and tried to sell me some shitty security packs etc. I holded him approximately 30min before halting connection abruptly :) well first my phone mysteriously hang off because it had no battery anymore so we had to continue communicating trough notepad. Slowly. Very slowly :))

I would say it's had a morocco or tunisian accent. Clearly from Maghreb .