Geek Squad support refund 808-272-8122

8082728122 Geek Squad support refund


Additional Geek Squad numbers:
(808) 272-8151
(888) 479-5465
(888) 627-1545
(866) 616-6642


I called this number for the first time and it is ringing still at 3 minutes and 46 seconds. It seems they have no message machine set up I’m guessing.

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‪(866) 616-6642‬ and (808) 272-8151 are active. “$419.00 antivirus plan was charged to my account” just give any last four digits for an invoice number


808-272-8151 Still Active Jack Tuesday 1-24-23 9:56AM EST

I had a weird troll with a 808# last night
i was hunting blocks close to 808-272 -8072 # … I called the block got 6 call backs from this 808# i called few times finally called back and i answered … Hello i say hello hello? Nothing then it started twxting me. It said i miss u wanted hear ur voice.
im like oh hi monkey. This is monkey right?
It sent :joy::joy:.
It say how u been ?
I said u know your exploiting ypur children to be worthless like you.
It sent :joy::joy:again.
It said why u so mean?
I said cuz your a loser.
It said i wouldnt call u that.
Then i was like wait who is this i was thinking.
he was like im sorry for everything i did
I was thinking of you wanted hear ypur voice.
I am missing you.
Ok at this point is this someone i kbow using textnow??
im like who is this is this Tom Thumb ?
Iz this Joseph Megelee😂
He says so glad u called me
Wanna meet up dor coffee
I was like ok let meet at the hula hula store on akamaui dr 11am
It says ok i just made this up
Anyway it was wierd he finally gave up cuz i was just insulting whole time
Wanted me send selfie to prove i aint who i said.
Who was trolling who??:joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Make sure to ask Jack the scammer about david jones. He is raging