Geek squad scam 888 986 7661

Dear Geek Squad@ Existing Member,

Your previous year subscription for Internet and Network Protection services is expiring today.

So as per our communication we have restored the services again and charged you an annual fee of $ 422.87

If you wish to manage your auto debit or payment preference kindly reach out to us +1 888 986 7661

Time/Date : June-07-2022
Service ID : CW52901858

Advanced Network Pro Protection and Internet Shield
Unit price : $ 389.88
Est Taxes : $ 32.99
Order Total : $ 422.87

The same fee will be charged every year unless you cancel or void the charges, this recent subscription will end on June-06-2023

If you believe this is an unauthorized transaction kindly refer the “Help Section Page” or Contact Our Team # +1 888 986 7661

#Glad to you#

Olivia Jordan
User Helpline & Service Desk

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These guys are fun to swear at.

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