Geek Squad Scam 888 207 3683

105 calls and they still have not blocked me. Getting late here, need to walk the dog. Cheers for now folks.


I hope everything is well with you.

On behalf of Mcafee Support, I’d like to express our deepest gratitude for your continued subscription and support.

Please see the information below for more details about your order. For any query, please call us on (888) 985-6399.

Product: Mcafee
Transaction Receipt: noRQE-ZUeHYf-5196
Plan Tenure: 3 Year Coverage
Amount: USD 708.99

Customer Name:
Customer ID:
Customer Email ID:

If we can be of any further assistance, please let us know by reaching us on (888) 985-6399

Answered Paypal. Light them up folks…

808-900 6112 still answers !! 12:40 pm PST

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idk what to say did they call or send you a email?

Same timezone as you, let me try calling…

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Help me please! Whenever I call a number on TextNow from my web browser the call immediately disconnects. Anyone know how to fix this problem?

808-900 6112
Steven said if I just give him $10,000.00 he will stop scamming. :laughing::laughing:

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I only use my TextNow that is on my cell phone. I do not use my TextNow from a web browser. So I am sorry as I do not know how to fix your problem. Don’t get me started on the bugs in the free TextNow app on my cell phone!

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I have a call flooder I can give him…I’ll say this is all Stevie boys fault for being lower than a Bangladeshi beggar boy

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I just say something about how I am very hungover since I was with a hooker last night since my wife is out of town on business, so I do not remember if I received a phone call or text msg or email.

Or I just say that I think it was a phone msg or I think it was a text msg or I think it was an email, but I have deleted already the message. It was something about an order I made, or it was something about an auto renewal. No, I did not write down the Order/Invoice number. No, I did not write down the amount of renewal, et cetera.

You can try to bluff your way through it. Sometimes they might get spooked and hang up, but other times they will go along with it since their greed for money is strong enough.

These lazy pricks weren’t answering so one of the 93 Microsoft popup toll free numbers I found earlier today had to take some of the blame and all of Steve’s punishment

Oops I think it broke them, just a little bit

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Answering 6 am PST … 808-900-6112

(888) 305-4204

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  1. 305-4204

Facebook scammers live again on the above number ,we need to report them.They are huge in numbers and scamming by taking bitcoin and cash app.

Scam Number:(855) 544-2176

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