Geek Squad scam (866) 269-2035 "invoice"

Scam Number: (866) 269-2035
Scammer’s Website or Email: code 70748
Additional information about this scam: Posted on guru with a note about a fake charge: “Scam. Allegedly to cancel a Geek Squad renewal that I don’t have.”

Triggered and rude, have fun.


866-269-2035 Mark Monday 4-1-24 4:02PM EST


“John” picked up, asked for the invoice ID and after “he checked from his end” he said that hackers have created a Geek Squad account and they compromised account. He then said that I had to be in front of my computer. He then told me to open up Microsoft Edge and type in “” which then directed me to a fake Best Buy Geek Squad website. I was then asked to type in the code “37396” which then opened the Support.Client file. After he connected to my VM, he then locked my VM with this screen:

After this, he then sent the link to this refund form:
I will enter it once I get it transferred

I could hear muttering in Hindi in the background also…

I was then asked to log into my nonexistent bank account, which I simply entered the link to youareanidiot. That then caused them to hang up.


I now use

2 Likes is now a fake McAfee website that functions similar to the Geek Squad version. Currently searching the website.