Geek Squad Scam - (844) 511-2123

Advise that you got an email from Geek Squad and they are charging you $399 for a yearly renewal for your computer protection.

Active 2021-06-02 T 17:05 EST

It might take a long time to reach an agent - it looks like they are very busy based on previous calls with them

*Edit: added timezone

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Currently on call - using AnyDesk

2021-06-02 T 17:06 EST

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Doesn’t work, just hangs up.

Currently on a call with a Grace.

2021-06-02 T 17:20 EST

Add Number: (218) 309-1062

Currently on call with a “Chris Dawson”

2021-06-02 T 17:25 EST

I called the first time the TextNow number (218) 309-1062 and I was on the phone with one guy for 10 minutes, and then a different dude got onto the phone during the same call for another 10 minutes. I asked them why there 844-511-2123 number is not in service, why their (844) 511-2123 is not being answered. We exchanged pleasantries during this first 20 minute call with these two Indian scammers. I hurled some insults at them in Hindi and the first guy on the phone call was surprised.

I called back this TextNow (218) 309-1062 but I left nasty messages since nobody answered it.

Good times!

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called (218) 309-1062
guy just said the money has been charged and that i should call my bank lol

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218 309 1062 answered at 5:50 am … :rofl:… Asked
If i can shit in his clown shoe he hung up


Welcome :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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9 AM Central 03-Jun-2021 I just called TextNow 218-309-1062 and left a nasty message. I immediately called a 2nd time and a guy answered “Hello” and I said that we had fun shitting in his clown shoes! He immediately hung up. I called a 3rd time immediately and left a mocking message.

You all are AWESOME. That is funny, MarshmallowFishy … the money has been charged and you should call your bank!

I always use the pronoun “WE” rather than the pronoun “I” because I want them to recognize the concerted effort of our army. Haha, they know anyway though that WE are bombarding them, whether baiting, verbally abusing, or baiting AND verbally abusing them.


Comments like this make my day. It’s legit an army.

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It goes to a busy signal.