Geek Squad Scam +1 (888) 505-1036

Scam Number: +1 (888) 505-1036
Scammer’s Website or Email: [email protected] sent the email to me and a bunch of other recipients
Additional information about this scam:

I received this email today, Thursday, 18-Aug-2022. It is 9:49 am Central in the USA. I called +1 (888) 505-1036 from my TextNow number and a guy answered as Geek Squad. I hung up as I just wanted to verify that the number is active. I do not have the time at present to mess with 'em. I do not know what software they use to try to get onto a victim’s device.

The subject of the email is the following: We are processing your order

I cannot copy the words from the email as it is an image and not typed text it seems. So I saved the image file in the email to my computer and I have uploaded into this thread the PNG file. I hope it will show when I post this thread.

18AUG2022 Email I Received


Active number

+18884940554 call back geek squad number

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hung up on the guy when he asked to login to my back and got a call back from (916) 975-1142

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(888) 505-1036 Sounds like same guy

Geek Squad CALL BACK phone number (808) 505-1036 called me on my TextNow number.

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callback: 888-494-0554

@Kcchiefsfan Welcome to the community :tada:
Thanks for the CB number

They are RAGING MAD!!!
I’m flooding them with my PC and abusing them with my cell phone. They are super triggered :rofl::joy::joy::rofl:


Ask me how I am calling on 9 plus numbers at the same time.
He said that we “can’t do anything”
I explained to him that his toll-free number is going to cost his boss a lot of money.
So if you can call repeatedly, money is all they understand, beat them at their own game.