Geek squad refund scam 888-505-0949

Scam Number: 888-505-0949
Scammer’s Website or Email:
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they use , kolkata IP

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888-505-0949 Still Active Steven Monday 1-30-23 11:13AM EST

Still answering. I asked if it’s a real invoice or a scam…because the Best Buy manager told me it’s a scam. He asked why I’m calling then. I said I was just confirming. *click

Bad accent Chooth is asking me to use to connect my PC

808 272 8901 just finished insulting and harassing nigel ,paul , eric and others at geeek squad.
Now me and scammer John Williams had good talk even while I insulting him which some very thick skin, He was telling me there no work there and he doesn’t have any money it cost them 1500 day for phone line and they only bring in 4500 of scam money on good day ,you can take that for ever its worth. I am sure most of you heard that from scammers once you have attained that point of real conversation . I am very insulting to these scammers and most time do not let them get much of word in but some do want to hear what I have to say whether it be about corruption, fake news, socialism , the scam business there in, and freedom and democracy. It can be interesting speaking to this kind of population half world away, same holds true for them as they really want here what you have for them as they do not live in freedom. I had let scammer know that I will not harass you any more today on your two numbers and left it at that. If you call ask for john williams let him know amazon refund paying better scam commissions. Now on to the other 100 scam numbers.

855-505-0949 Still Active Malechode Tuesday 1-31-23 10:04AM EST

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I talked to the same jerks they got many phone calls from me, They were all raging by the time I was done. Paul and Eric were connected together and were not too happy. I asked them to stand up and yell potato and they did lol. They will be in one of my future youtube videos.