Geek squad refund scam 888-436-0711

Scam Number: 888-436-0711
Scammer’s Website or Email: -
Additional information about this scam:

Order Number 30449-Qzw6

Charged amount 415.60.

Call center still active: 888-436-0711


They are so dumb that I don’t know how they scam anybody. They don’t even know that Geek Squad is a subscription computer maintenance. They always say it is a antivirus company. And they don’t even catch it when I say good morning!


Answered with "Go fuck your mother " then hangup. I’m not Oedipus!

888-436-0711 Mark Tuesday 11-22-22 3:54PM EST

This is now a Paypal support line.

-Answering, Very Angry!!-

Tried 4 times, not answering

‪(888) 436-0711‬ … For 1st time I just now called this number. A foreign sounding guy answered but his accent is not too thick to understand. He said, “Hello, this is Suppoat. how may I help you?”

I asked sincerely, “What is the name of the company for which you work, Sir? I am not sure if I dialed the correct number.”

He replied, “This is Windows … Geek Squad.”

I asked sincerely, “Which is it, Sir? Windows or Geek Squad or PayPal?”

He answered sheepishly, “I don’t know.”

I said laughingly, “Of course you don’t know, dumbass. You do not know because you are a stupid Indian criminal who brings shame and dishonor to your family and ancestors with your criminal behavior.”

He commenced shouting at me English! I let him yell for a good minute or two until he paused. When he paused, since he had included in English “You motherfreaker!” when he was screaming at me, I informed him that I am indeed the “maderchod” who dry-freaks your mother’s arse for 5 Rupees on G.B. Road in Delhi.

He hung up without screaming at me any longer.

I am going back in now. I hope I get him again.

‪(888) 436-0711‬ … Now when I try this number from two different numbers it rings and rings and rings many times until finally it goes to a message machine.