Geek Squad Refund Scam 855 926 3414

Scam Number: 855 926 3414
Scammer’s Website or Email: [email protected]
Additional information about this scam: See Screen Shot

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855-926-3414 Paul Thursday 5-25-23 3:00PM EST

**855-926-3416 **paypal
**855-926-3408 **paypal

**855-926-3406 ** paypal
855-926-3428 paypal
Call back # 502-483-3344
*855-926-3446 AMAZON need order#
*855-926-3448 AMAZON answering fem rundi

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Yeah, this block stretches downward for over 500 numbers

we’ve taken them all down over the last few weeks
they’re imbeciles with zero capacity for rational thought and tell me where they will be the next day

My database shows pin# for as far as you can scroll meaning they’re all still owned by the same call centre operation and they’re paying for this dead asset every month

They will utilize the numbers again in a few months time… they always do :wink:


I can save you some time…there’s nothing else
and hasn’t been for quite some time now

there was a huge Facebook on this one…then we’ve taken down a lot for the next mind boggling amount of numbers

8559263468 Facebook support

you’ll only hear please enter your pin number for a truckload of ex call centre numbers who fell victim to us without anyone ever knowing

Whats the pin number?


I have no idea
They must have a pin# though, because it insist on you entering one for thousands of numbers now
We’ve taken every one of them down.
This call centre operation is massive and has/had blocks of numbers in every toll free prefix, in consecutive blocks spanning almost 1000 consecutive numbers in many of them.
They don’t get a lot of victims before they have their front door kicked in with great force and the inside vandalized beyond repair by a bunch of technically superior hooligans with very advanced weaponary. :wink: :+1:
They probably survey the damage, look at each other, shrug their shoulders and say, “shall we fix it up, or burn the fucking thing to the ground”. :joy: :rofl:

They keep trying to recoup their substantial losses though
Long may their stupidity live and their short lived determination fail always!!

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