Geek Squad Refund (808) 493-1988

Scam Number: (808) 493-1933
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam:


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He’s mad :joy::joy:

Yea, I got them mad enough that they were yelling, “Don’t call us back”. Now they aren’t even answering.

No answer here either. It means we won the battle.

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And they are seriously pissed off. They guy in the background when I called back just now was yelling so loud I couldn’t hear the moron I was actually talking to.

New number. They just accidentally called me back from (808) 493-1864. They answered it ‘Thank you for calling Geek Squad’. I said that I was returning a call, they sounded confused for a minute, then said “F*** you and hung up” :slight_smile:

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they answered to me. i am now kindly wasting their time

we have won the battle, but the war isn’t won yet.

Had me run Cmd & Assoc to bring up CLSID and claimed that “computer license” was linked in to my subscription, LOL. I of course enlightened him, in a unique way of course, to the myth of that possibility.