Geek Squad Invoice +1 (808) 900-6110

Ohh…it’s just the first time you’ve posted though.

I forget my profile every once in a while so i just made one i would remember

845-237-2082 / 331-265-4381

Fraud fake scammers of Geek Squad

They sent me an Fake Invoice of $399.99

Guy’s please help they stole my $20000
I am broke now

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Hear the message from a good Samaritan

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I always love to hear that! :laughing::joy:

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Actually stole $20K from you? How sad… :sob: :sob: :sob:

Whoever set up voicemail on their machine is a real G! :pray::muscle:

Answers 808-900-6112 6am

Active 11:35 ET 9/23/2022

Had a chat with one of the scammers, confirmed Siliguri location. Claims he’s just 18 and will quit the job tomorrow. Sure.

I haven’t had a Siliguri scammer in a while.

Here’s another Geeka #… (833) 438-0848

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833-438-0848 Greek Squad, Adam Wilson. Friday 9-23-22 1:49PM EST

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Got another one from the same template, but new number: 1 - 866 - 217 - 0559