Geek squad (888) 245-9426

Scam Number: (888) 245-9426
Scammer’s Website or Email: Email – Sounds like a big, busy center
Additional information about this scam:



What email address was used?

(888) 245-9426 Daniel answered. Wednesday 9-14-22 2:35PM EST

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<[email protected]>

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Got it

You could probably report the email address to Google

I always do Angel, but I’m skeptical if they do anything.

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Fair, I don’t know if they do. Sometimes they shut down advance fee scammers, but not always

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I got there ip:

(888) 245-9426 RE-ACTIVATED ON 9/22/2022

NEW EMAIL SENT OUT FROM [email protected]

SUBJECT: It’s time to renew # 6743-HGT-4378

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