Geek Squad - (808) 272-8573


“Please wait while we connect your call.”

“Thank you for calling Geek Squad Support, you are speaking with Michael. How can I help you?”

Scammer will prompt you to cancel the subscription and issue a refund by going to Support (

Registered in Grahamfort, Australia, Russia via Reg.Ru on November 10, 2022 (Updated November 15, 2022) - Whois

Associated Email Address - [email protected]


Got a guy named Karan who was posing as John from Geek Squad. Wanted me to use

Some how he knew I was not the scamming kind. started yelling curse words in Hindi.

I had to console him and asked him why he is doing such scamming jobs cheating people.

He has done Bachelors in Commerce and could not find a regular job.

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(post deleted by author)

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New Email Adress - [email protected]

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No answer, voicemail.