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I can’t get on the website with firefox.

@CaptainJJz#7935 Whilst looking in the source code firefox was suppose to redirect here: hxxp://

They said their gonna report my ass to the police, you sure the number is legit? They seem they’re legit, they actually aren’t doing anything wrong, (That I can see) they told me to restart my computer if I saw a popup. Maybe a screen shot of them doing something that only a scammer would do?

@CaptainJJz#7938 The popup is proof enough, only scammers have popups.

Send me a screen shot of the popup, I can’t get to it.


told them i had a pop-up with wanna cry ransomware stuff and their phone number on it and they asked me what i was doing when it happened. I told them i was browsing the internet and they instantly hung up on me. Doesn’t seem legit at all.

lol they told me to “F off stop waisting our time” XD!

He forgot what netstat was when he was explaining it to me so he said it was a Network Statistics tool created by Dell. I told him my computer was HP and he flipped.