"Game Mode: One-Click Computer Optimization" FACEBOOK TROJAN

Link (Dangerous): MSI Dragon Center Download Center (landing-dragon-centr.com)

Registered in the Netherlands via Gransy, S.R.O. on February 28, 2023 - Whois landing-dragon-centr.com

Associated Facebook Account - Clara | Facebook

Popup is a fake MSI Dragon Center download page, with the program being downloaded from Discord as a .rar file.

VirusTotal - VirusTotal - File - 3b22742d10f7d8c4eced2ec8eba34057939c39b187e3243da612d483e150268c

Any.Run - Analysis Dragon-center.rar (MD5: 16D0D3B6C91EE6B485F0291B3AA3682E) Malicious activity - Interactive analysis ANY.RUN

Program contains the Artemis, Hulk, Kryptik, MISLHeracles and Wacatac trojans alongside a variant of the Redline stealer.

Associated IP Addresses: