Gallup Poll scambaiter trap?

I received a call from this number on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. On Sunday, I was able to pick it up in time. The lady claimed to be from the Gallup poll. I asked for her address and she said “Omaha.” I asked for her phone number and she said “I can give you our 800 toll free number.” I was unable to write it down, but it proves nothing because anyone can grab it from the real Gallup website. I searched the number that appeared on my phone and nothing shows up. Call the number, they ask you to leave a message with your contact information. Call me paranoid but this smells like a trap and seems sketchy AF. I don’t know that any legit call center would operate this way. 3 strikes and they are out in my book… 402 898 1425

Most likely a scam. See if you can get a website from them, that is the best way to find out.

@FuelDaFlame#5930 They just gave the real Gallup website… Don’t know if they are legit or not. Calling from this number is just fishy.

Seems like a scam. I wouldn’t give them any information either way though.

Even ‘legitimate’ survey companies are known to sell your information. Never give them anything.

I must have pissed a scammer off last week. This is a totally new approach. Now the “tax relief service” wants you to leave your personal information in a message and give permission for them to call you 949 681 9884