Future Projects

I want to make some more mid sized scambaiting projects, like the ones I have already made. The most popular ones would of course be the scanners. I don’t have the time to make something on the scale of BobRTC right now, but feel free to suggest such project as there may be other devs who do have the time. Basically, I am out of ideas and am looking to you guys to let me know what you need to bait better.

For example, one of the most popular requests I have gotten is a number reporting bot (you put in a number and the carrier hosting the number is sent an abuse email - same as what scammmerblaster used to operate). I’m not super keen on that project as there are already bots out there that do it and I hate making bots but if its what people need idm having to.

If you have more sources for scanners I should build, I am open to building them. Please do not suggest malware projects. Other than that, anything goes. I want lots of rough ideas, so just spitball and we will see what sticks. If you don’t want to share your idea publicly for whatever reason, feel free to dm me.

A scammer CRM for better logging and record keeping or a KYS " Know Your Scammer"


Doesn’t sound like a bad idea. I was thinking about making a big relational db for scammers a while ago, wouldn’t be easy to manage tho. Thanks for the idea!

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If you need help let me know. My hands are all over a scam database already but we have to take ownership. over 25k numbers sealed away in that critter. need to add all stuff to find repeat delinquents. This can go far. The national scam database. Have a phone hooked up for every scam baiter as well. I can help with the back network. As Upstream and I have a good relationship. But there are some ground rules and plenty of red tape on the phone lines right now. I’m sure there is a lot to talk about in the future as we build some framework for this but I’d love to help. You should see the menacing quantity of numbers I have on discord webhook them in and there are no issues with the TOS. My server is a Museum of numbers going back since last September and it’s amazing how many are still active. So that provides entertainment well things are boring.