Funny recordings

There is never a scarcity of hilarious thing happen every day.
Although after 15 million + calls I’m never surprised in the slightest these days, a lot of things still make me laugh

Just as I can with my PBX inbound and outbound calls, I can isolate the scammer side audio, the same as Nomorobo only records the outgoing audio of the robocall and never the receiver side.
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Things such as this robocall from 1 hour ago using the typical neighbor spoofed numbers so calling the numbers back is a complete waste of time.

Sometimes the intended victim really gives these dopey bastards a run for their money by insulting and teasing the hell out of them. Way to go!! :+1:

Your TV services company offering something unusual :grin:

Car accident compensation scammer getting agitated and desperate…answer my questions you bastard, I took the time to illegally robocall you and demand answers SO TELL ME NOW…ahhh I give up :rofl:


Would it be alright if I include this “car accident” scammer on Scambait Sunday #18?


It aint mine mate, go for it.
It came from Nomorobo…hang on I’ll put the link here…go go gadget database…

like magic here it is :wink:

I’m trying to locate the car accident one


Here’s the car accident robocall


We had a lot of laughs really getting a load of very large NetFlix, PayPal and Farcebook call centres. Flooding the hell out of them with burst of calls to them and all they get is silence. They can’t help but to all waste their time calling back a truckload of honeypot CID’s. mixed in amongst the mostly dead end, never issued caller ID’s
I was auto conferencing all inbounds on auto answer and letting them entertain themselves, until they started getting fuming mad and swearing at each other in Hindi when they repeatedly went through the opening lines of their scripts and lies

Enjoy the chaos I get to listen to while hunting plenty more of their toll free main inbounds to keep the cycle and wheel turning.

They hate our guts…mission accomplished!! :grin:

There is multiple dozens of TextNow, Magic Jack and Google voice numbers these clowns called back with
they refuse to answer on most of them once they realized they’d been played.
However, this side Kevin is keen for a chat with imaginary victims with loads of imaginary cash to hand over to they with imaginary brain cell activity :rofl::rofl:

8084444768 This side Kevin from “suppoat”
it could be any one of a dozen call centres


There’s been a lot of clowns calling back to speak to the guy he’s sitting next to or perhaps another call centre across town
Without counting exactly, a solid estimate would be over 400 calls so far
They cant help but chase that victim that got cut off…well actually there was nothing but silence on the line the whole time but they can’t quite work that out. :thinking::grin:


They still can’t help but chase the imaginary victim who has the line that is silent or it randomly drops out all the time.

This little burst of return calls from a large popup group of call centers on multiple numbers, had them all explaining to each other they were from Microsoft support and they were very keen to help each other with their problems

It yielded 8 active callback numbers (now shut down) of the 12 clots that called into this little group chat between themselves 1.5 hours ago😂

This side Microsoft, how can I help you today?



This is a Geek Squad refund scammer who has been on this toll free number for a couple of months now.
There is usually between 2 and 6 of them in this apartment call center

This open line went on for 11 minutes 03 seconds
We even follow scam boy to the bathroom for a piss break after banging away on his keyboard sending messages to his other scamtard buddies @ 7:10 until 7:44, then a flush (unusual), before ambling around his apartment making all sorts of racket before returning to the laptop and realizing I was there. :joy::joy:

Twas nice of him to have his headset on and take us for a tour.
Once again proving the point that there is no such thing as wasting their time and saving victims because of it.
The likelihood of a victim ever being saved because of a lying competition chat for profit is virtually zero.
Large call centers always have an idle scammer to answer incoming calls, clowns like this receive very few calls, despite them being active every day
I regularly get up to ten open line calls such as this every day from the ten thousand + calls dialed, either target searched or known number verified, there is always someone to answer the next inbound call which will probably be me as well. :grin:

  1. You drive head first into a chunk of real estate, with some toll free numbers to a very large bunch of PayPal liars, as well as various other refund script clowns.

  2. Consider all the options

  3. Decide to blast them with 30 or 40 rapid fire calls

  4. Sit back, relax, put your feet up and let every one of them call back like lunatics over an over again, in a dedicated effort to shut themselves down in the biggest epic self own meltdown finale of the century!!

These 4 recordings all happened with only a few second gaps between each one

I think these two who stayed the duration in the last recording might have been just a tiny bit upset at each other. I sensed those vibes somehow :rofl:

Telling this imaginary ma’am he’d reported himself & his own toll free number to the authorities, then asking the ma’am to tell him what his own number is so he can block those M F’er bastard scammers from her network…not a singe word was ever spoken…in the original blast calls to set the ball rolling, or at any time during their superb effort to shut their own call centre down.

Enjoy the tensions rising from meek quiet beginnings, to the rather violent and animated meltdown ending. :partying_face:

They really aren’t the most gifted creatures on the planet

PayPal 1

PayPal 2

PayPal again

PayPal the epic swearing hate filled showdown


A few more recordings of entire call centers racing for their outbound dialing systems and calling back the multitude of my real Caller ID’s.
These are scattered amongst the hundreds or thousands of calls they’re hit with until they shut their lies & nonsense down.
These self owns and self takedowns are hilarious entertainment to listen to in the background while more are discovered. Incoming calls are auto answered and conferenced with each other for them to explain away the reason they’re calling each other.
Most of the incoming calls are audible with the dull beep sound, some are instantly conferenced in a group of inbounds.
This week a large network of Microsoft popup call centers all wanted to play the patented game of chase the imaginary victims with the bad audio phone lines.
They always succeed in taking each other out, as the anger levels reach fever pitch and boiling point.
These call centers will often go through 100 numbers or more in a day. These toll free numbers are taken down well before any active popups are put onto their fake near miss web pages, which most of them have ready to go by the hundreds as well.
Needless to say they have zero chance of getting any real victims calling before the rapid turnover of their numbers starts occurring. :grin:
The best thing is them admitting what liars and evil pricks they are. Warning each other not to talk to the disgusting low life scammer with the Indian accent, jealously trying to dispatch all competition and keep the victim who has never uttered a single syllable across these entire journeys.

Who is this…who are you…what is the purpose of your call?

This is Microsoft calling you back, we keep getting disconnected a very good morning to you

Lots of hellos, please introduce yourselves to all the other players in the missed call game

Many hellos again…am I audible to you? By the way I got a popup on my screen…why you calling me bro? (scammers rating the professionalism of each other while being played)

Is this Microsoft, no this is the online support provider for the Microsoft products and devices. But let me run you through my script anyway.
(Zero chance of getting victims while trying to scam each other for 9 minutes)

I hear a ma’am, that must be my prized elderly elusive victim finally!!
John Blake this side from Microsoft.
Ma’am don’t talk to him he’s a scammer because of his Indian accent, they’re all scammers there.
You sound like you’re working in a big shit box call center as well!!
Lots of hatred and wishing of harm to each other
Location self doxing (Redmond WA :joy:)
This one has it all

This call center went silent after this episode.
They burnt through multiple dozens of toll free numbers in a little over an hour.
Some numbers lasted no more than twenty seconds and a full board of calls lighting them up
They didn’t want to play the expensive game of lets spend a fortune on numbers, popups and salaries, barely getting them off the ground before witnessing them being destroyed one by one in rapid succession and making hundreds of outbound callbacks like lunatics to a phantom.
The closest thing to snagging a victim was themselves.

They’ll be back next week for more rounds of falling victim to the silent imaginary ma’am with hundreds of cell phones.

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This was an amusing conference when they all raced for the callback button, frantically trying to be the one to get in touch with the victim who keeps calling them and the call gets disconnected without any audio each time.

It seems to happen hundreds of thousands of times every week but they just have to call back.
That’s never a good idea scamtards! :grin:
It can only end in someone calling their own colleague a randi bitch :rofl::rofl:

Hello…hello…Hey you randi bitch why you calling dis number?