Funniest Scam (Email Spoof)

So I was checking my email and I ran into this scam. The scammers used a spoofer to spoof their email to What I find funny is that they emailed my iCloud email about Windows support.

Phone Number: (888) 411-6716


Blocked On:
• Hangouts

Email Message:
**Your Email AccouNT Has Been Hacked.

To Make SurE ur computer is SeCure Call ar Windows suppoRt nUmber: 1-(888) 411-6716

!!!¡¡¡ Your ComPuteR miGht hav THe ZeuS RogUe TrojAn SPYwAre ¡¡¡!!!**

Number is blocked on Hangouts

@iChutya#6355 I added it to the thread.

Email spoofing? And using this domain? Whoever it is, is very smart. Here is a present to those who spoof their email to/from

But i am too lazy so please open this.

Send Anywhere

If file magically disappears you r real protected? skidds

@FuelDaFlame#6394 Does it really work or it is fake? works. @Jnteamed#6400


Whenever I spoof I use an app on my phone. @Jnteamed#6430

Firertc is the best spoofer.

This has nothing to do with FireRTC spoofing. We are talking about email spoofing. @Jnteamed#6712

We can use this email spoofer to send scammers emails claiming to be from (anyone) and they will be scared (if they even check their email).

@Jnteamed#6388 No you are rat-protected.

Wow, haha.

@thunder#6778 who need antiviruses when i am the one creating one?