Fund Release scam

Email sender: [email protected]


Dear esteemed beneficiary,

There was a fund worth $8,500,000.00 USD approved in your name by the
Committee on International Debt and the Board of Foreign payment
Resolution Unit through the office of Financial Council years back,
After the investigation conducted by the current administration, They
were able to find out that the fund was not released to you, the
Authorities in concerns discovered that you are unable to receive your
fund due to illegal transactions you are having with
scammers/impostors in the past series, claiming to be in charge of
your payment, Meanwhile, you are having an illegal transactions with
imposters claiming to be in charge of your fund and that’s the major
reasons why you couldn’t receive your assigned fund till this moment.

The sum of Eight Millions Five Hundred thousand United State dollars
$8,500,000.00 was recovered and handed over to me to convey to you, I
was directed to contact you out of the trust and confident bestowed on
me as an Executive Director; financial payment Resolution on
International Relations.

As the accredited International Paying Body, we have been instructed
by the Financial Governing Bodies, together with the Committee on
International Debt and the Board of Foreign payment Unit and Debt
Review Panel, and Every necessary legal arrangement has been met on
how to release the fund to you without any further delay; all we
required from you is your honest cooperation to enable us seeing this
through as directed.

To make sure that this aforementioned fund gets to you successful,
secured and as quick as possible, kindly re-confirm the following
information as listed below:

Full Name…
Your country…
Contact address…
Phone Number…
I.D Card copy…

You have received this email from us because your assigned fund has
not been delivered to you!

Yours sincerely
Mr. David Rubenstein; Chairman/Director, Financial Council on payment
Department Unit