Cool kid n’ all,

But someone needs to limit his posts to 10 a day lol

@Koko#6544 Yeah…you have a point.


ffs… hes a pain…


visited discord yesterday, no one was there.

@Koko#6548 Shall I delete the last few unrelated posts on the gentech thread?


I prefer you do, thanks man.

Yeah, I’ll watch him as well. Seems he’s posting just for rep. He even contacted me today to tell me he was third in upvoted posts


guess we got a scammer.info fan.

@Koko#6552 Now that I keep scrolling up, I realize there are a LOT of unrelated posts there. Also, fuel called you ‘koko butter’ in one of them.


Yeah i know, it’s ok i don’t mind stupid namecalling he was just hyped or something.

He just needs to understand that general discussion is not on ppls posts. I hope he learned it now.


R34P3R nice “how to” lol…

rip fueltheflame after this post.

@Koko#6558 People were having trouble with it lol

Yep, he stole third. By 2 points. I try to stay on topic here.

(Image can not be uploaded)

here is a snapshot from our servers http://imgur.com/a/rLEfi


Lol i guess he just needs attention, well, after this post i see hes not posting new comments, you learn things everyday. :sweat_smile:

He might want to be with me interacting on the stream.

As much as I appreciate an active community, this chit chat is still happening on threads. Not just with Fuel but other members too. It appears that there’s a race going on to get 3rd place on the leaderboard. This has greatly worsened over the last week.