Fubo tv fake scam 19895281584

Scam Number: 19895281584
Scammer’s Website or Email: https://fuboservicesweb.online/errror.html
Additional information about this scam: https://fuboservicesweb.online/errror.html


Seems like a guy and girl. I had a long conversation with him.

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@MajorLeeAwesome, I just spent over 10 minutes on the call with a guy at +1 (989) 528-1584!
He answered with only “hello” and I am guessing that you spoke with him. He was very cocky.
I of course was not trying to bait him.

When I immediately called him out for not saying a fake first name and not saying the name of the company for which he does NOT work, he said that he had just talked to me and asked why I called back again. Of course I had read your post to this thread and I figured that he thought that I was you. I laughed and said, “No you dumbass, that was one of the other hundreds upon hundreds of people who continue to have our fun at the expense of the inept and incompetent criminal that you are.”

He said that he has a toll-free number that others are answering.
We kept going back and forth.
At one point I insulted him and his mother in a way that denoted he is of Indian ancestry. I was speaking about his mother, 5 Rupees, and G.B. Road in Delhi. He did NOT protest to say that he is not of Indian ancestry.

Finally, as I told him would be the case, he hung up. I’d told him that he will hang up first when he said that he has all the time in the world. I think he thought that I’d hang up first.

I bet this guy did think that I was you, @MajorLeeAwesome!

  • Phone Number: 989-528-1584
  • Date of this Report: April 04, 2024
  • Phone Line Type: VOIP
  • Phone Company: BANDWIDTH.COM
  • Phone Location: AKRON, MI
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I had a pretty long chat. He admitted that he’s in India, he admits to scamming and has no remorse for stealing from innocent people.
He got pretty angry with me at the end of the call. I was sticking his nose in what he does, like sticking a puppy’s nose in the steaming turd he left on the dining room carpet.

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Yes @MajorLeeAwesome, the guy I spoke to on my first call has to be the same guy with whom you spoke!

I logged into my VOIP account and switched to not show my home phone number but instead show UNKNOWN NAME without any phone number.

I have been calling him repeatedly and he has been answering but not saying anything. Each time I mock him and he hangs up without saying anything.

Yes, he has no remorse whatsoever.

He bragged in the first call that I made about “having enough money to buy me and my family on EBay.” I replied that obviously your excessively large and fragile ego HAS BEEEN BRUISED.

For the first time calling from my UNKNOWN NUMBER (VOIP phone number), a woman answered. I insulted her and ridiculed her. She hung up without saying anything further.

From my “UNKNOWN NUMBER” I just called again and nobody spoke BUT I heard what seemed to be the Hindi language from streaming content or maybe from a cable television show or from some video on the internet. It was NOT though someone live on the phone with me speaking. Finally someone on the other end of this call hung up.

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Yes! I spoke to her also. I was wondering if they are husband and wife or a couple.

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Or incestuous siblings! :crazy_face:

Maybe they like to involve their goat as well in their intimate moments together.

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:laughing::joy: :woman_with_turban:t4::goat::dash:

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