Frying SCAMMERS computers

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I have just purchased a new pc and I want to start going into malware and shit to bring the scam scumbags down into the real justice.
Before I go into it I need to know the real legality behind this area.
Can anyone advise me the legality in the UK with frying and ratting the scammers computers.
Thanks for your help

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It’s considered gray hat hacking in some countries which means technically it is illegal but it’s being used to stop people doing crimes. It’s all up to you being secure and safe about it.


Thanks man

Chances of being prosecuted are low if you don’t mess up and hack someone that isn’t a scammer, don’t impersonate legitimate people, etc.

  1. It’s a lot harder than youtube videos would have you believe.
  2. Legally, you can get in a LOT of trouble, though it is unlikely (assuming you pick targets carefully) that you would be prosecuted - but look at what they threw at ScammerBlaster recently for call flooding. Distributing malware is more likely to get you jail time - at least in the US - I can’t really say for European countries.
  3. Combining this with your PC question earlier, my “hackstation” is by far the weakest computer in the house - you can get by on a $150 laptop with a good wifi adapter :slight_smile: (OK not exactly true, I have a couple RPis for console emulation and adblocking that are weaker but it’s a Celeron N4000 so not exactly a powerhouse :rofl:)
  4. To be safe, if you do start hitting back at scammers, don’t post about it anywhere. And I would try to do it while connected to public wifi and routed from there through an anonymously purchased VPN account.

Good luck!

They got mad at ScammerBlaster for robodialing ads iirc

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We have as much freedom as we are willing to risk.

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