"FROM FEDERAL RESERVE BANK" 419 scam - (310) 695-5570

Email sender: [email protected]
I am pleased to write to you directly as Executive Director of Federal Reserve Bank , I am writing to you basically to correct your mistakes about certain criminals and individuals who claim to be in possession of your funds worth $10.7 million dollars and you are following them only to gain nothing but waste your hard earned money which you are sending to them wrongly
I have to tell you that these people you are dealing with are dubious criminals who will never deliver your funds, so stop listening to them and send me their emails if they still writing you. I want to make it very clear today that the Federal Reserve Bank is the only bank authorized to pay your compensation. So stop communicating with anyone about your funds because they are no longer in possession of your funds. So you have to choose option on the following details on how you want your funds to be sent to you
By: ATM Card
By: Cashier Check
By: Bank to bank transfer
Kindly send the below information to me and make sure your address is writing correctly to avoid wrongful delivery of your fund to a wrong address, text or call +1 (310) 695-5570 (Bandwidth.com via Adhoc P2P)

  1. Your Full Name:…
  2. Your Country:…
  3. Your Address:…
  4. Your Phone Number:…
  5. Your Occupation:…
    Yours faithfully
    Mr Michael Robinson Executive Director Federal Reserve Bank"