Friday IRS Fun: 19145308942

Took a while to find one today that isn’t hanging up on FireRTC, but here they are!

think they are catching on

DItto… I have only gotten through once in my last 10 attempts. Oh well… it was worth a try!

pro tip you can change your number on firertc in settings and sometimes that will work

Yeah, I did that and have gotten through several more times. This guy was dropping n-bombs on me even though I only use the FireRTC soundboard since I am on lunch at work! Be warned of the slurs, but it very brief: FireRTC Phone call recording with +1 914-530-8942

I don't know why, but it makes me laugh hearing these people get so upset when someone catches on to their scam. :)

I asked where she was, she said DC i told her its a new york number and she hung up

oh i gave them the address to the white house and they where clueless

One of the best ways to tick them off :joy: