Fresh amazon refund scam - 1-866-921-0222

Scam Number: 1-866-921-0222 (possibly (706) 151-2684‬)
Domain Used: none
Extra Info:

got a call on my google voice number about my amazon purchase for I forget what, not sure it matters. The robot said to dial 18669210222. the number they called from, (706) 151-2684‬, hangs right up if you call back. below is a screen recording of most of the robot message. I don’t have a chance to call the number right now but hopefully I will later today.

Alice phallus trolls
charge on amazon $ 1599 … Air buds and lap of apple brand
Wants me go on google chrome
Search download anydesk
17 min … In

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Brenda Dixon trolls …
troll 20 min …2😂ask her why she such a lying c#nt . and she spewed back hang up
using very cute house as the address in NY
gave verifcaruon code and confirmation code#

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3rd troll Alexandra Jackoff trolls :joy:

i called them as pizza hut lol
“Thanks for calling pizza hut how may I help you?”

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Ask for Jennifer she MAD :rofl:

On hold 6:03 then says goodbye :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

same here. just a lot of hold music. i guess we overwhelmed them :+1:

sad i didnt get a chance to talk to them myself ;-;