Freewallet Ethereum wallet: dangerous scam

Ethereum wallet by Freewallet is often chosen by beginners for whom it is important to receive or send cryptocurrency. In addition to ETH, this application is also suitable for other ERC20 tokens. Specifically, Tether (USDT). The project owners lure clients with low fees and a convenient interface, as well as a built-in exchange.

But Freewallet Ethereum wallet is designed to steal assets. You will lose your ETH and USDT due to this app.

Another victim of Freewallet fraud has contacted us.

The woman tried to make a transaction in the amount of 68,000 USDT. But the administration froze the wallet under the pretext of suspicious activity. To return the assets, Elena sent all the required documents. But the wallet remained blocked. If you translate the text of the appeal into English, it will become clear that we are talking about a typical scheme by which the administration steals money: KYC scam.
Ethereum wallet by Freewallet uses this scheme all the time and steals millions this way!

Unfortunately, there are several fraudulent applications from Freewallet on the AppStore. Ethereum wallet is one of the most popular. And we urge everyone who has suffered from the actions of these criminals to contact the AppStore administration with a complaint and demand to remove the fraudulent applications.

But the only way to protect yourself from asset theft is to not use the Freewallet Ethereum wallet. Don’t give your money to these scammers!