"Free" Vacation Scam that keeps calling me

I finally decided to take the time to generate a fake credit card number and get as much info on these people as I could. They are extremely annoying and I get at least 4 or 5 calls a week from them. I was going to call them with my call flooder, but the waiting list thing makes it pointless.

For extra fun, if you hit # at any point during a call with them, you can transfer to another extension.

Toll-Free number:

(888) 724-0954

Normal Number:

(650) 353-9268

Amazon Mail Server IP that they use:

Ugh, I get these guys non stop, too. Usually its either a Wyndham Resort or a Hyatt Resort. Yet, neither of the hotels/travel scams they talk about pertain to either of those hotels. I just let them talk and talk and when they ask if I’m ready to pay, I just say I cant go to Meheeco, because we built a wall and I wont be able to get back home. That usually makes them hang up.


Please see my posts regarding lead generators and the source of these calls.