"Free iPad Pro" scam - (888) 755-2475

Popup - https://luxwingames.com/ipadpro1/?affId=5&transid=c9d572bf68a94c338c58ce7ebacdcecd&c3=378357487&c1=8842&c2=

Associated Phone Number - (888) 755-2475

Associated Email Address - [email protected]

Requires users to sign up for a subscription to the Ebook Network for a one-time charge of $19.99 or $39.99. Afterwards, users will be charged $39.99/month if they do not cancel.

Included is an option to "opt out," which requires users to provide their phone number and email address.

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I got a text supposedly from “Walmart” to answer survey and win a new IPad Pro with keyboard. I did as it said and I was to only pay $2… it said I won and I received an “I.d” # and I would receive it 5-7 business days BUT then I got a notification that $49.95 was taken from my account from a site “Rykielbathoilcom”, which I’ve NEVER HEARD OF! Idk how to get my money back and STOP THIS!

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