"Free Discord Nitro AirDrop from Steam" SCAM - +7 (953) 601-27-34

Popup - Reported Unsafe Site: Navigation Blocked (linksdlscordgift.com)

Registered by Artem Markov in Moscow, Russia via Reg.Ru on May 26, 2022 - Whois linksdlscordgift.com

Associated Phone Number (RUSSIA) - +7 (953) 601-27-34


Associated Email Address - [email protected]

Associated Physical Address - Lakiniv , 32 , 413, Moscow, 435235, Russia.

Requires users to sign into their Steam accounts via a fake popup window, first with credentials then with a Steam Guard code. Once complete, users are redirected to Discord’s 404 page while signed out of their Steam account, as the passwords were already changed.