Free Calls to indian scammers!(Personal numbers)

So it is very difficult to find VOIP services to call someone in India.

Here’s a list of all the websites-

Use them to dial their person phones.

Some people now a days are swanking about their autodialer.You can make it too!With no programming.

Just download Firefox browser.Dowmload imacros,click record and record your action of calling a scammer phone number and then change your VOIP number once.Then a script is generated,add a increasing variable at the end of the input field of phone number.Play.Sitback.Enjoy.

If you need any tools and personal assistance as to how to make scripts feel free to contact me.

Here’s a bonus scammer to try-

Fake tech scam-844-645-4279

Real Information-Registrant Name: pramod rajpoot

Registrant Organization:

Registrant Street: kamlanagar

Registrant City: firozabad

Registrant State/Province: Uttar Pradesh

Registrant Postal Code: 283203

Registrant Country: IN

Registrant Phone: +91.9997198366

Registrant Fax:

Registrant Email: [email protected]

Registry Admin ID: C135378582-CNIC

@ParodyGordon#5777 Can you explain your IP being based out of Saket, Delhi, and the fact your ISP is massively known to be used by scammers? I ask due to the recent influx of scammers signing up, and the recent DDoS attacks.

@ParodyGordon#5777 Is is NOT difficult to call someone in india. In face Google hangouts, firertc, and textnow are the best services in calling. I am not swanking about the autodialer because i scare the crap out of them. Thunder take care of the rest because they might call back.

Enough is enough! Are you foolish enough to create a stereotype that all Indian are scammers!? Just keep that in mind that if the actions of a few determine the way you think about a society,then my friend you are indeed boorish.My ISP is a Local area connection.I can’t do anything even if its used by scammers. I would also like to ponder upon the fact that you are giving out my personal information,just because of the fact that I am in India!Why don’t you do that to your fellow Americans?If you have the guts then give me your address and post it here.It’s just a shameful fact that virtual discrimination is being promoted by a reputable platform like

You literally are trying to superimpose the fact that every Indian’s ISP is being used by scammers. I mean wtf seriously?I don’t own that ISP.

“scam baiting is a belief ,not to be bestowed upon racist cyber gangsters like you.”

The calls from Hangout to India are not free.

And I didn’t even say that the swanking was done by you.


A proud Indian ScamBaiter

I am not even that fickle minded that I would be using a VPN just to keep you people satiated.

I personally think Thunder is the only person who is helpful and makes some sense.


@Jnteamed#5781 I am talking about +91 numbers.

@Jnteamed#5781 International calling is not free.

@ParodyGordon#5782 Go ahead call the American vacation and business loan scammers. The irony!

@scraps210#5785 It is if you use the websites I posted.

@myjackcity#5786 Well you know what?I was brought up in UK and I have a better accent than you.

You are coercing me to cuss.Kindly stop.

@ParodyGordon#5787 Nice. I’ll try them out.

@thunder Help me out,here.

@ParodyGordon#5790 If you are scambaiting on India, please, this website has no way to prove that anyone is a scam baiter other then posts. We have taken down a lot of scammers who are signing up and posting their competition’s numbers. Sorry if you are really an actual scam baiter. I understand that India has scammers and have scam baiters, nothing is 100% bad. As said this website has no way to prove that anyone is a scam baiter other than posting here. I will help you out as long as you don’t downvote me. I am a fair moderator and i allow everyone to express their opinions.

@ParodyGordon#5790 Going on a diatribe is not the way to solve this. You could’ve simply answered the question instead of ranting about it, my job here is to make sure scammers aren’t destroying the site, and in the past week we have had more scammers than ever register, and have been dealing with DDoS attacks, likely from scammers. It shouldn’t be too much to ask from you to answer a simple question. If you want to come to my house, then do it. Saying you are in Dehli does not give ANY personal information.

Yeah sorry brother.

@ParodyGordon#5782 You have the most bizarre style of English I’ve ever seen.

@1337mathster#5882 It’s still fine.

@ParodyGordon#5782 Also, there is no racism on this website. I’m one of the first mods here, and guess where I’m from.

You've also just reposted a number from this thread:replace/d/1157-tech-support-scam-popup/16

Didn’t I say its just a test number.

My guess…

You are from IgnoranLand?

@ParodyGordon#5961 No, you mentioned it as a ‘bonus’ number. We don’t appreciate reposts here.

Also ‘IgnoranLand’ .