Found yet another tech support scammer, with a twist

okay, so they usually do their shindig, the whole “hackers” “viruses” shit, but this time, they didn’t check the fake CCV I gave them, so i got more info than i usually do. ? i got a customer id, tech id, all that fun shit, will copy paste of all the info i got. god speed gentlemen. (PS: make sure to copy EXACTLY what it says, they’ll be thrown off if you don’t.

Make it seem like you’re a returning customer if you can. ?, tell them that you accidentally deleted all the files they downloaded, as they put files in for "license security: or some shit.

Number: 844-573-4082
Site: (only comes up sometimes)

1. webshield
2. windows ip and id protections
3. windows firewall protections
4. anti hacking protections
License: lifetime - 217.78usd
plan details
plan name: gold plan service
plan validity: lifetime
amount: 217.78usd
service provider - ozm

customer id: orw50 ----------------------------------------------------

name - anna smith

Save all that info to what file? txt file?


C:\Windows\System32\ ?

@Jnteamed#3534 save it onto a .txt, just throw it on the desktop