Found another one.


Says their certified technicians
When they don't get their way they yell and syskey.

Still working

LOL I just baited them… yes, they try to run syskey-- but I have surprise: I wrote a fake syskey.exe that pops up an alert with Indian pictures of scammers saying “Indian Tech Support Scammer DETECTED!” The scammer then went on to try and delete files but I cut him off…

@raytech70#550 lol nice.

Still working

@raytech70#550 How did u manage to do that? been trying to figure it out but idk how

@Gearbear#557 Simple visual studio program. You can find tutorials online, it’s pretty easy to do.

@Gearbear#557 I used auto it to produce a gui with a jpg in the background. AutoIT is free.

Just wasted another 30 minutes of their time and then with my fake warning: Indian Tech Support Scammer DETECTED! LOL.

i think its dead

@TheLou#564 its still working for me on FireRTC

Ask for dan, he just flipped his shit.

Is it free to call, like do you need any credit in order to call the number???

@Dan#582 its a toll free number, any area code that starts in “8” is toll free, its rare to see a number that costs money to call and the call actually charges to your phone bill and you don’t even know it

@theboss24611#593 Okay, thanks for the response ?