Found a potential Tech Scammer Site

Site looks rather dodgy too. When I tried calling the number there was no one speaking but they picked up. Maybe their call center couldnt afford new headphones.

Hey dude, i wouldn’t recommend to post a number without knowing its a scam, check if its legit in or just google it, a lot of people have been posting legit shit.

Low rating on MyWOT.

@AnonyMouse#10919 ok ill hit them up again

Doesn’t make it a scam. They could be a real company with terrible ratings @SuperLinkBro#10922


Ok. Also found a 800 notes page about the number also, if it makes a difference.

People do claim they are Yahoo scammers. So I’m.not convinced that they are real yet.

UPDATE: Ran cmd and said he was going to do a scan. He typed in koobface found

@AnonyMouse#10919 Scammer sounded so concerned! - YouTube

i made a video of me calling this number. its like my first time uploading so bear with me. Lots of irrelavant stuff early on in the video. Well this shld be proof enough of this number being a scammer’s number. Skip to 9:30 for the call .

100% scam

I think it’s owned by a call seller. Their website has spun text on the homepage and has spammed their number on other sites. There are multiple other sites with different names with the same number and spun text. They also claim to offer yahoo support which is always a scam.

Here's their backlink profile. Obviously spammed.
![seo spam backlinks](