Found a potential scammer group


I found this domain and I think they are scammers. Can someone test them and tell me if they are scammers or not?(Work via FireRTC)

Number: 1-888-308-3363 (Toll Free)


Found More:

i will.

EDIT: I said "i seem to be having a problem with m computer" and the hung up straight away...

there most likely scammers. I got through and they just kept swearing at me in Indian, so i swore back then it said i had been kicked from the conference...

Ok, thanks!

@xXsuperman_YTXx#701 I called them it went around for about 20 min and they asked for a payment first before doing anything and when I called them out they didnt syskey me or anything. Just ended the session and the call. They also said to not call again because they had a lot of work to do. You know what that means. Call the hell out of them!

their website is also hxxp://

Ok . Tommorow I’ll spam them like hell.@betapig#703

They took it down. But they were pissed as fuck. The scammer called me a wate of sperm and a lowlife. Oh the irony ?

@zmbrfm#716 Took what down?

Number still working for me (tested over Fongo)

@betapig#702 Whenever they ask for payment first I try to “dork” them by saying, “If your car is acting up, why would you consider paying for the job before the mechanic even looks at it… chutiya!”

Ok, I’ll try.

Again. Can someone test them:

They look very very suspicious.