For Angry Scammers Requesting Take downs

This is a troll post but is informative to whiny bhenchodes

"Remove my information it’s mental harassment"

  • Not going to happen unless you straighten up or prove you’re Not a scammer
  • Personal Information is not illegal to post. Legal requests are useless.
  • It’s not mental Harassment, Not even torment.
  • Wasting time is not illegal
  • You’re responsible for what you post online.
  • You’re scamming people so accept punishments “Every Action has an opposite reaction” - Albert Einstein
  • You may have your information removed if You provide support in ending the scam operations.
  • All information can/Will be backed up.
  • Whining about it or Threatening us = Laughing and Your reports to land on def ears.

Don’t want your information posted? Don’t scam people simple as that.


AAAAAMEEEEEN amen amen :rofl:

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Fully agree!

(just one thing; your point:

You’re scamming people so accept punishments “Every Action has an opposite reaction” - Albert Einstein

actually is Newton’s third law, I’m sure he said it but Isaac Newton was the one who said it. :smiley: )


Interesting I’ll update

Not as an attorney or really technically legal expert (I’d be considered a legal advocate and do study case law however) however there’s a few rebuttals I have.

  1. There is no such thing as “mental harassment”. Additionally they’d have to show a pattern of this occurring.
  2. The only defense to defamation is proving the claim is false, full stop.
  3. If they are a business and have acted in an unethical or illegal manner you are absolutely allowed to post such, certainly in the U.S. Any cease and desist is pointless and would require an attorney in the jurisdiction where the ‘mental harassment’ occurred. So if it was the U.S. for example, they would need an attorney in the U.S. and in the state of the poster. Good luck with that.
  4. There’s something called ‘The Streisand Effect’. Deliberate actions taken to try and remove the information that exposes your illegal activity only really brings more attention to it. That’s just shooting yourself in the foot which, by all means, go for it.
  5. Being caught is inevitable. Know that there will always be someone 3 steps ahead of you.

Indeed this is correct, I’m mocking them due to the fact there’s an active “Lawsuit” Against the website by SmartFares, It’s useless as can be but it’s more of a troll/mockery post with facts included.


Plus they are India what are they going to do.

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File a Lawsuit and Try to claim TLS is involved in illegal activities… if this was the case, then Doxbin wouldn’t be ran by a European. It’s going to be pointless and pathetic so I’m here laughing at them.


My first experience with a scam organization threatening me and was SNVA and it was funny I haven’t heard anything from them because they blocked everyone from :joy:.

I Mean I’ve dealt with far worse idiots… But I Maintain a powerful empire across the net. It’s Quite interesting to see people come before me and try to pick fights… Knowing I keep everything by the book. It’s fascinating to me.

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Yes it will be :japanese_goblin:

I like that and we should all celebrate.