"Florida-based" tech support


They tried to reboot my PC into safe mode when I said that they’re scammers but other than that, they didn’t do anything harmful. They kept trying to put a up a front saying that they’re legit tech in Florida. I asked him if it was cold in Florida because I know it’s very hot and I know that he lives in India and he said it’s a little bit cold lol. After a long conversation, he kept denying that he was a scammer and called me a scammer but finally he gave up and said “i we like it” when I asked him why do you scam people. He also wanted me to connect to a site called www.livepcexperts247.tech in order to pay and he also said that they’re not going to receive the payment and that the payment is for the security tools lol


The number doesn’t seem to exist right now, i get a bad dialing message.

@AnonyMouse#9031 It works I just called them 18445630232