Flight Booking Fraudster

Today I was Trying to Book flight ticket and search on google i was redirected to https://www.bingoflights.com/ Filled my deatils Page Asked me to call on 844-470-2559

AND Get Your Deal Booked Now With UPTO 70% OFF OVER THE PHONE.

But These Guys scamed with me charged $3000 from my card and i nevere recieved the tickets.
When i called them asking for refund they started laughing and abusing there is group of 4 to 5 people sitting and scamming people i searched about them i got one more site under there phone number

Guys beware do not call them.

I got some more findings on these scammer registered company name travelyankeys

owner number 8184289084
Another scammer tollfree 1-844-310-1759
website http://www.travelyankeys.com/

@jackass989#65424 yeah i interrogated him toward the end of my call. he denied that he belonged to travelyankeys and hung up on me. “Christopher” sounded tired and didnt seem very happy.


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Sending heat …

This scam is run from Chandigarh, Punjabi, India

The USA address for both is the same:

travelyankeys.com, and southandwestairline.com

Address: 1930 Roscoe Blvd, Winnetka California, US 91306

IP address ip: points to an ISP in Chandigarh, Punjabi, India

Their accent is clearly Punjabi

very similar source code on both sites like “cheap-flights-to-delhi.php”

Translated from above

Nothing will be done from you … rise up from these things … Some have brought fire,

Additional URLs on the same host/provider


Ordinarily, I wouldn’t bother with sites like these, but when someone not only loses a lot of money, but then gets mocked by the scammer, well, game on kids.

Step 1 - Report the two sites, travelyankeys.com and southandwestairline.com, to GoDaddy ([email protected]). Let them know the site is a scam site and reference this page.

Step 2 - Their email addresses are funneled through GMAIL. Let's get them removed from GMAIL, too. (MX Records point to alt1.aspmx.l.google.com https://support.google.com/mail/contact/abuse

Step 3 - Report the sites to Google Phishing and MS Smart Screen

Step 4 - Let South West (the real company) know that they are impersonating South West with a site like "South and West Airline". I'm sure their legal team can assist us.

Step 5 - Well, you know the rest :) I'll leave that up to you all.

Last post for the night at least – The 844 number is currently down. The company that registered the number is below. The 866 number is also theirs, so lets file an abuse report with them at Contact Us - Inteliquent (Select Abuse from the drop down)

Referral #: 866-388-7258
Status Last Update
WORKING 2018-02-08
WORKING 2016-09-07
ASSIGNED 2016-09-07
RESERVED 2016-09-07
SPARE 2016-07-15
TRANSIT 2016-07-15
DISCONN 2016-07-15
WORKING 2016-06-16
ASSIGNED 2016-06-16
RESERVED 2016-06-16
SPARE 2016-06-16
TRANSIT 2016-02-16
DISCONN 2016-02-16
WORKING 2015-12-31
ASSIGNED 2015-12-31
RESERVED 2015-11-18

They are also known as Bingo Flights

See FaceBook posts


Call (844) 853-3119

19938 Roscoe Blvd, Winnetka

Winnetka, California

@drwat#65777 location Chandigarh, it could be Geeks Technical Solutions aka America Geeks aka Skybrowser Pvt Ltd. They are located in Mohali / Chandigarh and they’re also doing travel scam.

@NeeP#65839 That though occurred to me too. I will analyze further.

A pathetic idiot of them asked me on the official scammer.info email account to remove the thread.

His name is Jassi Shergill, his emails are [email protected]; [email protected]

More about him: his mobile with WhatsApp: +91 9899386592

Address: DLF Phase 3, Gurgaon, 122002, Haryana (WHOIS record for bingoflights.com)

That’s him by the way:

image screenshot-20190213-151945jpg.jpegimage screenshot-20190213-151945jpg.jpeg

Their scam / fake websites:
- https://www.flightsbucket.com/ Flightsbucket
- https://www.bingoflights.com/ BingoFlights
- http://www.southandwestairline.com South and West Airline
- http://www.travelyankeys.com/ Travel Yankeys

So I analyzed the BingoFlights website. Once you search for a flight it will display a site called https://www.bingoflights.com/success.php
And that one, no matter which airports/names/contact number you put in the search and no matter what computer/IP address you're surfing it will **always** display the same Booking ID BOOK577259

![image 2019-02-13-11-34-17-bingoflightspng.png](upload://itxMTHpS6nSyNKZobzqVtBK1md7.png)![image 2019-02-13-11-34-17-bingoflightspng.png](upload://itxMTHpS6nSyNKZobzqVtBK1md7.png)

So I checked the source code of the page and voilà, it's just a static text in h2 formatting:
![image 2019-02-13-11-36-59-view-source-https-wwwbingoflightscom-successphppng.png](upload://fmV7pkqz2CdYrnmzAlcM6lRNMN7.png)![image 2019-02-13-11-36-59-view-source-https-wwwbingoflightscom-successphppng.png](upload://fmV7pkqz2CdYrnmzAlcM6lRNMN7.png)

Then I thought it's maybe a server-sided generated code but then I tried using different IPs / different computers and VMs and using different search queries but **it always displays the same booking ID**.
The website is poorly designed in general. Header and footer links to social media aren't working.

Speaking of social media, their Facebook page promotes on of their websites which is designed to mislead people into thinking that they're directly buying from a real airline:
![image 2019-02-13-16-50-25-bingo-flights-startseitepng.png](upload://iSjHTSWb8tbew5Cldw4TZFZF0IZ.png)![image 2019-02-13-16-50-25-bingo-flights-startseitepng.png](upload://iSjHTSWb8tbew5Cldw4TZFZF0IZ.png)

The domain http://www.southandwestairline.com is one of theirs, currently not accessible (403 Forbidden) but the WHOIS data shows it's a GoDaddy domain and we all know what that means ;)
There's some more info on the registrar: a person called Charan Singh, his cousin according to Jassi Shergill. +18184289084, 19930 Roscoe Blvd, Winnetka, 91306 CA

The "office" address shown on BingoFlights.com is 19938 Roscoe Blvd, Winnetka, CA 91306 which is this appartment building, doesn't look really like an office:
![image 2019-02-13-17-06-40-19938-roscoe-blvd-google-mapspng.png](upload://56cP52RlRevodcX3b5JUxoCXOoH.png)![image 2019-02-13-17-06-40-19938-roscoe-blvd-google-mapspng.png](upload://56cP52RlRevodcX3b5JUxoCXOoH.png)

The "office" address shown on Travelyankeys.com is 1930 Roscoe Blvd, Winnetka, CA 91306 shows an intersection in a residential area. No office in sight:
![image 2019-02-13-17-20-23-travelyankeys-google-mapspng.png](upload://7Lx2oaOA7yEtVTnKM9FkoT0kusM.png)![image 2019-02-13-17-20-23-travelyankeys-google-mapspng.png](upload://7Lx2oaOA7yEtVTnKM9FkoT0kusM.png)

Then I also checked https://www.flightsbucket.com/ and tried to search a flight there but the search engine crashed:
![image 2019-02-13-16-47-04-cheap-flight-tickets-airfare-reservation-flights-bucketpng.png](upload://oQyGvHKAM8lmuZlQlXwaswT2yyF.png)![image 2019-02-13-16-47-04-cheap-flight-tickets-airfare-reservation-flights-bucketpng.png](upload://oQyGvHKAM8lmuZlQlXwaswT2yyF.png)

This revealed in the error code that the flight search engine is by a website called https://dreamstravelinc.com/
They are also a travel agency which claims to have offices in the US, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and India. Very interesting locations. WHOIS records show them registered as Dreams Travel & Tours Inc. I don't know yet what exactly is their relation to BingoFlights. Checking their "US office" location on Google Maps again shows some weird place and no hint at all that there is any office.

**--> They are definitely scam, don't book with them! **

Jassi is another scammer in Delhi/NCR area.

Somebody mentioned Dreams Travel. Dreams is a travel consolidator like GTT skybird skylink. Their mention on jassis website could be the white label he bougjt from DREAMS.

Holy dish!!! I wonder what happened? Time to deal with these tools

Nowadays in the progressive digital world, scams are on a high rise. One such scam is done by travel agencies. This kind of scam is done through a phone call where they offer free luxurious offers and travel deals to the victim who in search of cheap flight tickets becomes their bait. They got directed to other phishing websites which can be harmful.

The scammers asks their personal information related to their flight and send an email explaining that the flight was cancelled and the victim should call them back immediately. In this way they can extract some vital personal information of the victim and large sums of money will also be taken out of their accounts without their knowledge.

The best way to be safe is to waste the scammer’s time when they call you and make a list of fake info. Just act curious, and ask various questions about accommodations and other things relating to the flight.

List of Domain for Spammer: