Fishy Facebook Advert (Most likely scam! Help me find out!)

Like an hour ago I opened facebook and I saw fishy facebook advert it states you can earn up to 50 eur in month if you will share to us your Facebook Ads Manager profile.

  • 1.

    Problem with this Advert u couldn’t comment on the ad and if you open Facebook page u can’t see the ad.

  • 2.

    There were a lot of comments about that they don't pay you for using their Ads account but they were in Estonian I believe they moved to Latvia so they start target Latvian people.

  • 3.

    In their site, u can't find if its legit marketing company that wants to use your Facebook Ads Profile

  • 4.

    Domain contact info is in Panama.

  • Q: Why tf they want your profile? A: They state that it's hard to make a lot of Facebook profiles and keep them active and they must be a year old at least.

    Q: How they will set up? A: They will use this remote connection program

    Ad link -
    Register - spreadsheet

    Facebook Page -

    I believe they rat people in the process not sure. What do you think guys?

    If someone wants to bamboozle them with rat ill be happy to help out and translate so you can hook up session to setup Ads Account.

    ill phone and see what they are up to ill try get some info out of them