Firewall breach alert popup

popup : hxxp://

Number : +1-855-524-2270
Alt number on popup : +1-877-457-7705

I can't test these as my firertc is saying unavailable, tell me if they work plz
edit : typo

@shad0wsnhd#10674 first number said something about a 100 dollar rebate voucher

First number was about some 100 dollar rebate voucher and the second was unavailable

[“Windows firewall breach alert scam popup”," firewall breach alert popup"]

@Spatchy#10742 well ive seen worse. Some scammer gave me a number and it appears to be a number of a prostitute.

Microsoft scamers 1 844 798 3800

I called the 877 one on google voice. They figured out I was baiting them and so I currently am calling them asking for an apology. Now they aren’t answering calls from any number! I’d give it an hour before they respond to calls, and trust me I will be getting that apology.