Finnish cyber criminal arrested, being suspected for 14 000 cyber crimes

The crimes were committed in November 2018. He’s also being suspected for blackmailing.

He got exposed because he accidentally leaked his own files online. He hacked Finnish psychotherapy clinic in 2018 and two years later he started blackmailing the company using patient database as a ransom. He made a threat, he’s going to release 100 patient records per day until the ransom has paid. He totally f*cked up. He leaked his ENTIRE 10gb home folder online and this file included a lot details about this hack and details about other hacks. He noticed this mistake too late. However Vastaamo “response center” psychotherapy clinic data breach is the largest crime in history of this country if watch the number of victims. The number of victims is more than 30 000.

The American airlines airplane had to make an emergency landing because of him. Some families got swatted because of him. He specifically targeted one family. Lizard Squad hacker convicted on 50,000 hacking charges - The Daily Dot

He made phone calls using spoofed numbers and made bomb threats. Because he was young at this point, he was not extradited to the United States and he never ended up in prison. He have also tried to scam credit card details.

Sky News interviewed him 8 years ago