Find A bug in my game and get 10$ scam token grabbers also source code exposed

he told me to join this server:Discord

i joined and it was a 43 mb file

then he told me to open the .exe file
i realized that its

then i did an edit and i found this source code

then when i got his webhook i spammed message till now spamming untill he removes the webhook so he wont recive tokens from victims…

his info:
! Prezidential#5949
his id :752529805303349450
his discord server:Discord

El33t haxxor man.
I wonder, is Windows rly that stupid to allow scripts to be launched under the .exe extension?
Also, nice an simple tokener sauce. Invite is down, can you post a Wirustotal link or another invite in DMs so we can laugh at which Github repo he stole from?
Also I see a bug, the webhook is in plain. Where’s my tenner?


they disabled everythink also server might got banned

and i really cant show webhook because it can be used for bad things